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Our story begins in 2002, when we decided to create Nins Mataró.

The project began in a store in the center of Mataró, our city. We started as a multi-brand clothing store, a very nice stage that made us grow in Maresme from the beginning. Due to our success, we decided to create our own brand: By Nins. 



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For years, we have been present in several trendy markets: White Summer, Dulce Weekend, Barcelona en las Alturas, Polo Music Festival... In this way, we bring our collections closer to our customers and discover how to grow with you.
For our team, the most important thing is to dedicate to each garment the time it deserves. That's why we decided not to produce massive collections, moving away from fast fashion and avoiding the production of excessive resources. We like to recognize that we take care of our brand and every detail of its fruits.


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By Nins was born from our desire to communicate our philosophy with our designs. We produce almost 100% of our garments with workers from the same city, generating a positive impact on the planet and encouraging local commerce. 

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